4 For the Road

Culture Creep.  Tim Challies linked to this and I had to as well. This is a sickening look at the way that paedophilia is creeping into the mainstream.

Take Your Kids With You.  Travis Agnew shares an important parenting tip.  When you go somewhere, take your kids with you…even if it isn’t easy.

Most Unmarried Evangelicals Not Sexually Active. A recent survey by the National Association of Evangelicals bucks conventional beliefs regarding sexual activity among evangelical millenials.

God Mad Boys to Play with Dolls.  I didn’t see Owen Strachan’s blog on Sesame Street until I had read this article by Caryn Rivadeneira, but both are worth your time  and I think they reflect the need for evangelicals to balance gender roles with the Scripture (Disclaimer, I plan to write on this later and I have a son who plays ball, shoots guns, and  helps care for his sister’s dolls…and I think thats OK).