Fantastic 4

My buddy Travis Agnew has a great little blog post on allowing mothers to mother.

I began making a list of questions that mothers receive (I’m sure I missed some here, ladies, feel free to fill in the rest):

Will you use prenatal vitamins?  How much do you exercise?  Do you drink anything with caffeine?  Are you going to have a natural child birth?  You’re surely going to breast feed, aren’t you?  Co-sleep, no sleep, or let them sleep?  Cloth diapers or disposable?  Are you going to stay at home or send them to daycare?  Do they know their letters yet?  It’s really important that they have social interaction with other children their age.  What type of potty training methods will you use?  Public, private, or home school?  Organic food or Happy Meals?  Vaccines or no-vaccines?  You really aren’t going to let them play in this weather, are you?

Mothers, let mothers mother.

A very helpful article by Sam Rainer on the Trap of Availability.  Accessibility is not the same thing as availability.

Chuck Warnock on Six Dramatic Trends Churches are Ignoring.  Our churches had better wake up to the cultural changes that are upon us.

Despite the adoption of coffee bars, powerpoint presentations, and full-stage lighting, churches are seldom on the cutting edge when it comes to addressing demographic trends.  Here are six dramatic trends that are not being addressed adequately by local churches, church networks, or denominations.

No, 10% of the population is not gay, but many would have you believe it.  If you repeat it long enough, it is bound to stick.