Fantastic Four

Kathleen Nielsen on never retreating in the Christian life.

We’re going forward, and no orders to retreat can possibly be official. Germany has repeatedly sent men into the Allied ranks perfectly disguised as Allied officers, speaking English or French perfectly, to order a retreat, just as the Devil sends the same kind of people into the church. The only way to overcome it is to have it understood that our forces never retreat!

Trevin Wax on Going Beyond The Sex Question.  Great stuff here.

 I believe we are better missionaries and pastors when we use the questions as a way of discerning the heart’s motivations. The questions are the entryway into deeper, richer conversation about the beauty of marriage.

Jonathan Leeman’s book, The Church and The Surprising Offense of God’s Love is something I should have read before now, but now that I’m into it, I recommend it highly to you.

Insofar as the gospel presents the world with the most vivid picture of God’s love, and insofar as church membership and discipline are an implication of the gospel, local church membership and discipline in fact define God’s love for this world.

I’m trying to break 400lbs on my bench press.  I recently ran across this video on training with chains.  The lesson? Variable linear resistance with chains can boost your muscle gains.  The spiritual take away?  Different kinds of stress create different kinds of strength.  It may be necessary for God to add some different kinds of stress in your life to strengthen your faith.  Time under tension plus proper nutrition plus rest equals muscle gain.  It’s basically the same thing spiritually. But, just as in strength training, sometimes you have to load the bar differently.