Fantastic Four

Tim Brister on evangelism and Sowing the Seed of the gospel.

I know there are some caveats to this (people already know they are Christians, etc.), but all the aside, this is really sobering to me.  It has been by researchers that the average number of times a person will hear the gospel before they come to faith in Christ is 5-6 times.  If that is the case, then it makes sense why churches are not growing by conversion growth.  We aren’t sowing the seed!

Albert Mohler on the renewed controversy over an historical Adam and Eve.

The denial of an historical Adam and Eve as the first parents of all humanity and the solitary first human pair severs the link between Adam and Christ which is so crucial to the Gospel.

Trevin Wax writes (very well I might add) about the Rise of blogs and the demise of traditional news.

Then it dawned on me. The mainstream media needs blogs in order to get traffic to their own websites. The real reason the reporter called on me was not primarily because of my book or my education or my pastoral experience, but because of my blog platform.

Last, but not least, our church, Malvern Hill, was recently featured in a Baptist Courier article about our VBS.  We seriously have fantastic volunteers and a God-blessed Children’s ministry.

Adams said VBS plants gospel seeds in the lives of children, and the church may never know how those seeds blossom. “Someone came up to me this year and said she was talking to a grandfather in our community,” Adams said. “The grandfather commented that his granddaughter had attended our VBS and accepted Christ as her Savior. It’s great to hear those stories. Our minister of music, Buster Morris, said his family didn’t attend church when he was a child. Someone took him to VBS, and now we all see how that seed blossomed in his life.”